Love Beach (Arabic DVD) #271 [DVD] (1961)

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Mamdouh (Farid El Atrash) the famous singer, meets Laila (Samira Ahmed) on the shores of an Fayum during the shooting of a movie. An Attraction between the two prompts Mamdouh to propose to Laila. However, Laila’s Father is reluctant to accept the marriage proposal and asks for some time to think. Laila then discovers that her mother Rawhey is not dead as she was led to believe, and is in fact a belly dancer in a nightclub. Laila’s father tries to guide her mother back on the right track for the sake of their daughter’s reputation and her future as Mamdouh’s wife, but the owner of the nightclub where Laila’s mother works starts to blackmail everyone concerned. Mamdouh starts to become suspicious of Laila’s odd behaviour seeking comfort from his cousin Soheir (Kareeman) who loves him. Will Mamdouh discover the truth, or will he marry his cousin Soheir?

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