Shoufou Al Wawa Wayn [Play] (Arabic DVD) #480 [DVD] (2012)

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The global economic meltdown has come home to roost in the living room of um Hussein and her loving neighbor and best friend um Elias. What are a few loans between friends? Everything when over-extended credit leads to your house being foreclosed, and bankruptcy is all but certain! Did we mention divorce, life insurance, and kidnapping? All this and more are waiting for you in this comedy. “Shoufou Alwawa Wayn” is a hilarious exploration of what happens when um Hussein’s less than astute son Hussein attempts singlehandedly to remedy the family business woes by putting a series of convoluted money-making schemes into action that make the global financial crisis look like child’s play. Sit back and watch as the incomparable um Hussein assesses the situation and uses her wisdom and cunning to avoid disaster!

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