Smile you’re in America [Play] (Arabic DVD) #150 [DVD] (1995)

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“Smile you’re In America” premiered Saturday September 10, 1994 is the most famous play of AJYAL Theatrical Group. The Character of Im Hussein was introduced to the audience for the first time in this show, along with Abou hussein and a short appearance for the character of Im Elias, who will become a major character in AJYAL’s future shows… “Smile you’re In America” has some hilarious scenes and skits that poke fun at the everyday lives of Arab-Americans, who have recently become citizens and who are desperately trying to blend into the mainstream of American culture. The play comes to terms with social issues facing Arab-Americans, such as their difficulties adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle. the peanuts skit is the most famous skit among all the others and most audience refer now to this play as the “Peanuts” play. The “CNN Reporter”, the “Arab League Meeting”, “Mr. Sally Interview”, the “Gas Station” and the “English School’s” skits are as funny as the Peanut’s skit. We’re definitely sure that you are going to enjoy this show.

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