Hassan and Morqos (Arabic DVD) #366 [DVD] (2008)

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Quick Overview

Adel Emam presents the character of a christian theology professor. who comes under the thereat of assassination by extremists so he flees for safety. He becomes (Hasan Elattar) then he travels to Alexandria and continues his life there. On the other side we find a religious Muslim man characterized by (Omar El Sherief) whose brother has died to leave for the leadership of a group of fanatics which he declines. Then he faces some failure assassination attempt and flees for security. Then he gets granted a new name which is (Morqos Abdelshaheed).. Then he travels to Alexandria after changing his ID and he lives at the same building where Hasan lives. Then their relationship turns into a strong friendship and events falls hectically, until a major crisis occurs and reveals their real identities.

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