The Submarine 707 (Kids Arabic DVD) [DVD] (1995)

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Like the story of the ancient coral empire in the movie … A country that lives a quiet life did not know an enemy before and they were peaceful they did not think to having weapons, until one day the enemy reached them and invaded them, they did not find any difficulties to impose their control over the empire, destroyed homes and buildings and then detained hundreds of residents, the enemy’s leader became the leader of the empire, after his decision the rules are made and after several years the submarine 707 was on a journey to discover the depths of the ocean and slowly began signals led to the borders of the empire, launched a number of Knights of the submarine, until they came to the heart of the empire and thus broke the battles between the youth of the submarine and soldiers of the bad ruler to end the triumph of the forces of goodness, ended in free the empire of the bad people , and return ruling back to its own people, the submarine returned to follow exploratory journey again.

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