Arabic & Broud [Play] (Arabic DVD) #230 [DVD] (2007)

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Having been arrested and jailed for 10 months in “Me No Terrorist”, she arrives home determined to make a positive contribution to society. Energized by her victory, she and her good friend, Im Elias decide to start an organization for young Arab Americans with goals of projecting a positive image of Arabs and educating Americans about the Arab culture and people. As we said, Im Hussein has good intentions, but in typical fashion, her knowledge of English proves to be her downfall. When it comes to writing the Articles of Incorporation for her new organization, she and Im Elias encounter difficulties beyond their imagination. Somehow, in naming the organization in Arabic and translating it word for word into English, they arrive at the name “Kill Organization”. The objectives –again confused in translation- are to recruit Arab Americans to sacrifice their lives for their country, and teach the world a lesson about Arabs. Needles to say, errors abound, making a situation that is alternately humorous and sobering. When they forward their application to the state and city offices, the offices notify the authorities, including none other than the FBI. Just what Im Hussein needs!

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